“We have seen the enemy, and they are small.”

Sometimes raising children can feel like walking into a war. Fortunately, we’re bringing reinforcements! Parenting expert Dr. Kevin Leman joins the program to talk about how to handle the strong-willed child.

“The powerful child has to win, has to have the last word. They are willing to take themselves down just to prove that you aren’t the boss. The authoritarian lifestyle that most of us as parents live is counter-productive. There’s only one  way to rear a child. Most of our methods of raising children are based on superior-inferior relationships… Is God an authoritarian? Does God grab us by the scruff of the neck, twist our earlobe and say ‘You will acknowledge Me?’ No. But God is the ultimate authority because the Bible says every knee shall bow. Why? Because He’s the ultimate authority.” Rather than coming down on children, Dr. Leman recommends engaging them in a way that shows you value their thoughts and feelings but won’t be controlled or manipulated by them.

Kevin and Susie unpack

• Authoritarian parents versus permissive parents.

• How we unintentionally create powerful children.

• Why it’s important to stop asking your children questions and invite their perspective instead.

• Why humor can ease the tension of parenting a powerful child.

• How to pick your battles with a powerful child.

• How these principles apply to adult children, extended family members, and powerful spouses.

Dr. Leman’s books include Have a New Kid by Friday, The Birth Order Book, and the one discussed today, Parenting Your Powerful Child: Bringing an End to the Everyday Battles.

Key Scriptures: John 2:1-12

Featured Songs: All Things Possible by Mark Schultz; God You Reign by Lincoln Brewster; Press On by Mandisa

Highlight : How do I know if my child is too powerful?

Understanding your strong-willed child

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