Popular speaker and youth minister Greg Speck joins Susie for to talk about Micah 6:8.

Greg explains the difference between a moral person and the person of character described in Micah 6:8. He suggests that people who want to live lives of character as commanded in Scripture be intentional about making Jesus #1 in their lives. Also people, especially young people, need to make sure their faith is their own.

Susie and Greg talk about the disconnect in many Christians between their faith and their lives. He relates that this disconnect between holy people and holy living has strong negative effects.

“We dampen or joy, we cheapen our walk with Jesus, we have little or no sense of relationship with him so pretty soon we claim to love Jesus, but there is no fruit. We don’t see any fruit of the Spirit being manifested at all in their lives because the duplicity is killing them.”

A life of authenticity gives a person a credible voice.  Credibility, Greg shares, is important for those working with young people in a time when many young people have limited access to spirituality and limited understanding of basic biblical concepts.

“I want to tell you the great news is today teenagers are so open to the gospel. They are so open to the good news.”

Greg emphasizes that God want to use all people to share the good news of the Gospel.

“This is our opportunity as Christians to step up and share what is really most important and that is the love of Jesus.”

Susie and Greg also examine the power of young adults who are on fire and the unique situations God is using to win young people in their discussion on faith and youth.

Key Scriptures: Exodus 33:111 Timothy 4:12Micah 6:8 

Lessons in life and faith

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