Erwin McManus asserts that God crafts divine moments specific to each of us. He sets up priceless opportunities for us to actively engage in His plan. His book is  Chasing Daylight: Seize the Power of Every Moment.

Erwin shares how, as a young adult, he thirsted to do something that mattered. He had a strong fear that he would live and die and never do anything that mattered. He wanted to touch the sky and touch the world, not just exist.

According to Erwin, everyone has this deep desire to matter and do meaningful things. If people don’t think they do it means there’s something in their life that they don’t care about enough.

If we want to do something, we must become ones who must.

“The people who really change the world are the ones who must.”

There’s two things we need:

  • A passion for God
  • A passion for his people

It doesn’t always come in that order. People can love humanity and not follow God. Or, people can love, seek and worship God and not care one bit about other people.

What’s at stake if we’re stuck with only one passion or no passion is our sense of meaning. We won’t experience the life God has created us to live if we don’t search for meaning. Not only that, we won’t experience the simple joys of life. The good that we’re created to do in the world is diminished or lost when we don’t seek to live a meaningful life.

 “What our live are supposed to accomplish is so much more profound and complex and deeper than we probably will ever recognize.”

Key Scripture: Isaiah 43:18-19

Chasing daylight

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