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  • Processing after an event is so vital. I always ask: 1) What was the highlight? 2) What did you learn? 3) what would you do differently?

    March 23, 2017

  • A shot of our men's retreat last weekend in Barranquilla, Colombia! https://t.co/fHN0c2nRLW

    March 22, 2017

  • Note to self: NEVER NEVER NEVER enter the United States again through Miami. Worst customs process ever. Atlanta is the way to go.

    March 22, 2017

Lee Grady

Lee Grady is an author, award-winning journalist and ordained minister. For 17 years he worked for Charisma magazine, one of America ’s most widely distributed evangelical Christian publications, and he served as editor for 11 of those years. He is the author of four books including 10 Lies the Church Tells Women, and he focuses much of his ministry on releasing women in ministry. He has taken his message to 24 countries. Lee and his wife, Deborah, have four daughters. They live near Orlando, Florida.