Do you find yourself encouraged with the clear Bible teaching and compelling conversations found on Faith Radio?

If so, you might like to know that we have a long legacy of sharing Christ’s love that stretches all the way back to the 1940s with a great man of God named Billy Graham.

In 1948, when Dr. Graham was serving as president of Northwestern Schools—which is now University of Northwestern in Saint Paul—he helped launch a radio station to share the Gospel throughout Minnesota. At a chapel service that year, he challenged Northwestern’s students to give $1 a week—the equivalent of $10.54 in today’s money—to help get the station on the air.

A dollar a week was a lot of money for many of those students. Remember, this was a time when the economy was still reeling from World War II, but those students came through. And after a year, there was enough money to launch KTIS, the first station owned and operated by Northwestern, which is still on the air today. That was the first of a whole network of stations owned by University of Northwestern/Northwestern Media. Today, Faith Radio broadcasts on 35 signals across the country and around the world though our digital streaming platforms to share the love of Jesus every single day.

Those students back in 1948 had no idea that their vision and commitment to launch that first station would be blessed by God and would go on to expand and minister like it has. Today, we continue to build on the ministry Billy Graham started all those years ago.

Thank you for standing alongside us as we continue to share God’s love through Faith Radio, reaching far beyond the signal Billy Graham helped launch over 70 years ago.

Billy Graham signs KTIS on the air