Why did God let this happen? Have you ever asked this question? When we face hard or devastating times in life, it’s common to ask ourselves all kinds of why questions. When we ask these questions we have a choice about where we got to look for the answers. We can look to our own experience or we can go to the Bible for answers. A question to ask yourself during these times is where is my final authority; is it in me and my experience or is it in who God says He is?

As we grow in our relationship with God, it’s very common to come to a “wall” experience.  This is a time in life where the pain is so deep and life is so hard that you start to ask yourself questions about who God is and wrestle with doubt. It may be brought on by a diagnosis, a loss of job, loss of someone close to you or even loss upon loss upon loss. There may be the temptation to take a break from God or take a break from spending time with Him in prayer and Bible reading, but it’s times like these when it’s most important to keep these rhythms and practices.

Recently on Susie Larson Live, Susie welcomed pastor and author David Platt who talked about wrestling with God after he made a life changing trip to the Himalayas. He witnessed overwhelming spiritual and physical need. He witnessed young girls falling victim to human trafficking. David started asking questions we see asked over and over again in the Psalms. How long O Lord?  David said, “When I’m overwhelmed with what I don’t know about God, I remind myself of what I do know about God.”

Are you or someone close to you at a “wall” experience in life? Give yourself or your loved one grace in the midst of all the hard. Let yourself ask all your hard questions to God. He can take it and He longs for relationship with you. Lastly, stay rooted in who God is by continuing (or starting) to consistently spending time in prayer and Bible reading. Remember God is with you until the very end of the age.

Asking God why?