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Tips for finding peace as a perfectionist loving momma

From my earliest days, I knew I wanted to be a mom. I also knew I wanted to take Katie Couric’s spot on The Today Show – hasn’t happened. Wanted to take Sandra Day O’Connor’s spot on the Supreme Court – also seems highly unlikely. And wanted to be the youngest state senator in Nebraska history – my college friend did that while I moved to…


Is your emotional account overdrawn?

As a woman, do you feel pressure to be a Betty Crocker mom, a Victoria Secret wife, and a Martha Stewart house-keeper, all while working to help provide some family income? We tell ourselves that we ought to home school our kids, and then we feel selfish if we don’t or can’t. In addition, we want to pray and study our Bible,…


Managing stress

If we are going to be diligent about depression proofing our lives, we must learn how to manage stress.


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You are the light of the world

First Person is comprised of first-hand testimonies from real people about how God is working to build His Kingdom. Host Wayne Shepherd has the simple desire to pass along to you the “short stories” of people whom he bumps into each week while hosting a variety of radio projects. First Person will give listeners an opportunity to…

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