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19 at 19

“Anything you’re not willing to give up has the potential to be an idol.” -George Fraser Bill and George take a look at Step 10 and how we all have the ability to fall into a sort of idolatry addiction as Bill covers 20 different potential idols, including power, approval, and comfort. By 17, tonight’s guest,…

Bill Arnold & George Fraser


Kelly’s story

What do you do when you get home? How do you spend your time with your friends? When you’re at home with the family are you really “at home?” Tonight’s guest, Kelly, answers these questions from his own life and his story will help you look at your own life too. Now that we’re in our third year, we’ve…

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Who do you trust?

Oftentimes in this fallen world, trust can feel impossible to muster up - even when it's God who we're trying to trust. How can we work toward giving our trust to Christ more in every aspect of our lives?

Susie Larson



Telling the Truth - Briscoes

Telling the Truth

Stuart & Jill Briscoe
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