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New Year

The gift of time

The New Year is a gift. It's the gift of time and time gives us the now to become more than we were, all that we could be, and all that we should be.


Relationship resolution

The toughest relationship most women will ever encounter is the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship. Make the resolution to improve this relationship.



Developing good financial habits

The New Year is just a few weeks old, so there’s still time to get good financial habits in place that can help us have a better year ahead when it comes to spending, saving, and budgeting.


Creating margin in 2015

I love the beginning of a new year! It’s a chance for a fresh start, a revision of course, or, if necessary, an opportunity to make a complete, 180-degree turn. Many of us have left 2014 with our hearts racing, our breathing labored, and the sweat of over-commitment still moist on our brow. If we’re honest, it wasn’t just the hurried…


God’s jetstream

What if, for this year, instead of searching for our own trail to blaze, we simply say, “I am ready to jump on and join you!”


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