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Joy in your journey home

Avery wrote a Target Haiku. For some reason when he and his mommy go to Target he thinks of me, his Grammy. I don’t know where he got that but I am loving that he does. The miles between us create a distance that our hearts bridge. It’s hard for this little one to be away from his Grammy, just like it is for me. He gets such joy from…


Choose joy

Did you know that joy can be a choice in life, no matter how difficult your circumstances? Today Susie’s guest was Kay Warren, wife of Pastor Rick Warren. Kay shared her heart for men and women to find joy rather than happiness, and we looked at the ways Christians can experience it in every situation. She helped us to  . Key Scriptures:…

Susie Larson


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Afternoon Programs

Building Relationships

Dr. Gary Chapman

Real Recovery

Bill Arnold & George Fraser

Breakpoint This Week

John Stonestreet & Shane Morris

Q Ideas

Gabe Lyons

You are the light of the world

Q Ideas reintroduces Christians to their historic responsibility to renew and restore cultures. Gabe Lyons is the co-author of Good Faith, unChristian, and authored The Next Christians as a manifesto for how Christians can faithfully lead in a changing culture. He is the founder of Q, a learning community of Christian leaders…

Bill Arnold



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