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    Healthy responses that mend relationships – Todd Mulliken

    ...Relationships are complicated and the holidays can add an extra level of stress–there is good news. Counselor and author Todd Mulliken teaches that through forgiveness, healthy boundaries and attachments, we can have healthy relationships even through the holidays....

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    Todd Mulliken

    ...lies. Todd is also on the Psychology faculty at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Todd’s website is: www.toddmulliken.com....

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    Establishing healthy boundaries – Todd Mulliken

    ...Have you ever had trouble communicating with someone who is difficult? Counselor and author Todd Mulliken describes how to establish healthy communication by first understanding your own responses before you engage in conversation. Todd also outlines the top 5 things men and women are looking for in their spouse....

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    Being liked vs. being right – Todd Mulliken

    ...Letting each other in to our own stories can be difficult, but what could change if we did this? Counselor and author Todd Mulliken describes how to move from transactional to transformative relationships, work past disagreements and listen well....

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    Being right vs. being liked – Todd Mulliken

    ...Narcissism. Codependency. These are popular terms today, but what do they really mean? Counselor and author Todd Mulliken identifies the relationship patterns of “being right” vs. “being liked,” and how God’s word applied to our marriages/friendships empowers us to release resentment and live joyfully together....

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    Reconciliation and forgiveness after betrayal – Todd Mulliken

    ...When someone has hurt you deeply, how do you reconcile the relationship? What if you can’t forgive yourself for a past wrong? How do you pray through the pain? Counselor Todd Mulliken helps us come toward those who’ve betrayed us and how to achieve forgiveness....

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    Peace-keeping vs. peace-making with Todd Mulliken

    ...Sometimes we avoid conflict to “keep the peace.” The word of God shows us a better way: counselor Todd Mulliken explains the difference between peace-keeping and peace-making, and how to approach conflict in ways that help us grow closer to our spouses and loved ones....

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    Todd Mulliken on understanding narcissism

    ...Narcissism…what it is and what is it not? Counselor, author and speaker on marriage and families, Todd Mulliken, reviews nine symptoms of narcissism including entitlement, embellishment, and preoccupation....

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    Responding differently – Todd Mulliken

    ...Why do we always want to change the people we love? Counselor and author Todd Mulliken and Bill discuss a healthier model of acceptance and peaceful response during conflict....

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    State of affairs: Healing after betrayal in marriage – Todd Mulliken

    ...Marriage is about faithfulness and trust…and there’s nothing more painful than a spouse breaking that trust through infidelity. Counselor Todd Mulliken helps us process the pain of betrayal, provides hope for healing, and explains how to protect your marriage from affairs before they happen....

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