It’s time to rethink, renew and reimagine retirement!

Retire Repurposed is dedicated to help people transition into fulfilling and purposeful retirements. Retirement is a big life-change! In fact, the two most dangerous years of a person’s life are the year they were born and the year they retire. We believe retirement is not the end; rather, the beginning of what could be the most impactful season of a person’s life. So, don’t retire; become Repurposed.

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Meet the hosts

Jerrid Sebesta

After spending 12 years as a TV meteorologist, Jerrid changed careers and moved into the financial services industry in 2014. Jerrid has a heart for teaching and continues to utilize his broadcasting background to inspire people to live with more purpose, impact and freedom. Besides being the co-founder of Retire Repurposed, Jerrid is the Director of Business Development for a growing independent retirement planning firm in Minnesota.

Ben Taatjes

Ben has been in the financial services industry for over 17 years. He has worked alongside thousands of families and individuals while owning and operating an independent retirement planning firm. While Ben loves to work with retirees, his passion extends far beyond the numbers. This passion led to the publishing of his first book, Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement in America in 2017 as well as co-founding Retire Repurposed in 2019.

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