Jerrid Sebesta teaches and inspires you to live a life of purpose, meaning, and impact.

Based on Ben Taatjes’ book Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement In America where Ben encourages those approaching retirement to walk into a life of greater purpose, Jerrid teaches and inspires listeners to live a life of purpose, meaning, and impact. Hear stories of how authors, professionals, and every day people are living out their own purpose and how you can follow suit.

Jerrid Sebesta is a Financial Wellness Coach for Taatjes Financial Group in Willmar, MN. Before joining Taatjes Financial Group, Jerrid was a veteran TV meteorologist with a career spanning over 12 years in two top-20 markets. In 2014, after much contemplation and prayer, Jerrid left his high-profile job. It was a move that came as a surprise to many people, including some of his family. But, it was apparent to Jerrid that God was leading him in an entirely different direction. With a tentative plan to head back to where his career started in Sioux Falls, SD, Jerrid instead found himself jobless and on the brink of an identity crisis. Through a chance phone call from his soon-to-be future boss, Ben Taatjes, Jerrid began the process of finding his true identity and purpose, which has led to his “Repurposed” testimony which he now uses to inspire thousands of people.

Jerrid lives in Willmar, MN, with his wife, Emily, and three kids: Beckham, Raiya, and Everleigh.

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