Knowing Christ desires to lead many to a new relationship with Christ.

Knowing Christ involves two elements, first the “knowing Christ” that comes in the new birth – coming to that personal relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our desire that these broadcasts will lead many to that new relationship with Him.

Second, is “knowing Christ” in an ongoing, deeper, more intimate relationship that comes as we dig deep in the Word. We desire to see the followers of Christ become more mature and knowledgeable about God’s Word so that they can make a greater impact in this world.

The radio ministry began under the name “Firm Foundation Radio,” and began as a suggestion of Scott Krus, then General Manager of WBNH Radio, the local Moody affiliate. Pastor Ritch’s desire was to hold up the name of Jesus, not his own, and was at first reluctant to do a broadcast. God used Scott and through his encouragement Ritch came to see how God could be glorified by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord over the airwaves. The first program aired in August 2004. The name was changed to Knowing Christ Radio with the national launch of the program in 2013.

Ritch is thankful for so many who have encouraged and assisted him in expanding the ministry of God’s Word both on radio and at Bethany Baptist Church.

“It is my desire that Knowing Christ Radio proclaims Jesus as Lord and prepares God’s people to worship Him now and forever!” – Dr. Ritch Boerckel

Dr. Ritch Boerckel is Senior Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church near Peoria, Illinois. Bethany Baptist was founded in 1891 and has a rich history in Peoria. Ritch has been serving the church as the primary Bible teacher since 1993. He is known for his clear and practical expository preaching, and God has blessed his ministry abundantly.

Ritch earned a degree in Pastoral Training from Moody Bible Institute, a Masters degree in Bible Exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. Ritch was greatly influenced as a teen and young man by his pastor, the late Dr. Bruce Dunn.

Pastor Ritch met his wife Kimberly at a high school youth retreat and they were married in 1987. They have three children: Alexander, Daniel, and Jackson. Ritch’s activities outside of ministry include tennis, basketball, golf, and spending time with his family.

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