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    It’s time to forgive yourself

    .... Otherwise what happens is we convince ourselves that we aren’t worthy of forgiveness and end up alienating ourselves from God and others, as well. Kim Ketola experienced this herself after asking God for forgiveness for her abortion. She knew that God had forgiven her and was willing to forget her sin, but she never forgave herself and it built up. “[I was] so busy nurturing my secret, which was a source of shame for me, that I couldn&#821...

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    Hockey pro finds forgiveness on the ice | Recognizing blind spots

    ...Former professional hockey player Bill Butters shares how God used a group of 12-year old boys to reveal Christ’s redeeming love. Then Dr. Mark Seignious helps us think about our spiritual and social “blind spots,” and cultivating the humility to learn and grow....

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    ...7;s death and resurrection, frees us from the guilt of our sins…IF we seek forgiveness from God in Jesus’ name. Herein is the substance of our Christian faith. As we continually seek forgiveness of our sins, we have assurance of eternal life with our Lord. We are delivered from the bondage of sin; freed from the curse of God’s law. We are at peace with God as His beloved children. And, we are indwelt with the Holy Spirit – God living within our he...

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    Broadcasting the gospel in Kenya | Hockey pro finds forgiveness on the ice

    ...Dr. Mark Seignious describes his recent trip to Nairobi, Kenya and a partnership to help train up a generation of Christian broadcasters. Then former professional hockey player Bill Butters shares how God used a group of 12-year old boys to reveal Christ’s redeeming love....

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    The relationship between justice and righteousness | Walking the long road of forgiveness

    ...And Campaign’s Justin Giboney outlines not needing to have allegiance to either side of our culture war and building relationships with different groups. Jason Romano, Director of Media for Sports Spectrum, shares about the encouraging response from a MLB player to pride month and the freedom we’ll find when we truly forgive – from his book “Live to Forgive.” Click here for today’s show notes...

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    Paul and Wendi Johnson on the power of forgiveness

    ...Paul and Wendi Johnson share their testimony of walking through the unimaginable pain of losing their son to murder. They offer hope and encouragement for anyone who is struggling to forgive themselves or another person....

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    Rob Rienow on forgiveness and healing your family

    ...Do you struggle to forgive someone who’s hurt you? Maybe your family feels broken and you long for healing. Author and pastor Rob Rienow shares biblical strategies and encouragement as you walk through the journey to forgive, from his book, “Healing Family Relationships: A Guide to Peace and Reconciliation.”...

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