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    Joseph and the gospel of many colors

    ...e did it all so I could save you.’ It’s a wonderful picture of forgiveness.” Voddie calls us to “look at the Old Testament as Christians Scripture” and see Christ crucified throughout the entire Bible. We need to understand where the story of Joseph fits – this is the story of Jacob’s youngest son. We need to recognize that Joseph fits within the narrative of Jacob, who is called Israel. Highlight –...

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    From a fractured family to restoring relationships

    ...Tom Henderson, founder of Restoration Generation, was raised in a home shattered by divorce and addiction. Tom discusses the importance of forgiveness and how using our stories can have the greatest impact on others....

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    Rebuilding broken places

    ...ts in my young life. I let bitterness enter my heart and reign in place of forgiveness. I sang of joy but knew of no such thing except circumstantially. I believed it but didn’t really know it. I lived in a perpetual state of fear anticipating that the other shoe was about to drop. I couldn’t rest even though rest was right in front of me. I didn’t know peace even though peace had already found me. My head knew the truth but connecting it to my he...

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    The problem of evil: Q&A with Ken Samples

    ...Why does a good God allow evil in the world? Do natural disasters, disease, or tragedy actually point to God’s existence? Philosopher and theologian Ken Samples from Reasons to Believe answers your questions about the problem of evil, the deity of Jesus, forgiveness of sins, and more....

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    How to respond if someone takes advantage of you

    ...of you, we are not to retaliate. Being a doormat is weakness, but choosing forgiveness is strength. “A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense” (Proverbs 19:11). God is always looking at the heart. Thus, if we help someone out of a pure motive to help, that is a good thing. But when we do it because we feel pressured, fearful or need to please, that is problematic. The biggest lesson my husband taught our son d...

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    Healing a bitter heart | Is the Bible the word of God?

    ...God warns us of the trouble a “root of bitterness” can cause. Pastor Dawson Muska invites us to trust our heavenly Father’s forgiveness and release bitterness today. Then famed researcher George Barna shares the latest picture of our culture’s worldview on the Bible, and why the church must lead differently....

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    Kris Vallotton

    ...book I co-authored with my son, Jason, entitled The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness. Check out the Amazon reviews on all our books. I think you will really enjoy what we have written. I’m the cofounder and leader of a full-time ministry school called Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. The school has more than 1600 full-time students enrolled from more than 30 nations. My life’s mission and the purpose of the school is to see ev...

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    Effective sidewalk counseling is preventing abortion and saving lives

    ...he suffered with pain from her abortion regret until she found healing and forgiveness and she wants you to know that you can find that, too. Jody’s abortion played a strong role in cutting short her career in the military. She wrote recently about her work to help service members in light of the military’s abortion policy: What is the abortion policy of the military? Currently, the United States government bans the use of Department of Defense fu...

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    Coming to terms with God’s call

    ...life of your daughter? Ray Norman shares his powerful account of love and forgiveness in the face of violent extremism. Ray and his family lived in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania where he served as a director of World Vision when the 9/11 terrorist attack happened in America. Shortly after the attack, Ray and his daughter were heading to the beach when a man started shooting at them. Ray was shot in the arm and his daughter, Hannah, was shot...

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    Book of Beginnings Part 26 | Is the power of God available to us today?

    ...h, we learn that through our circumstances God builds the character traits we need to become successful in our spiritual and physical life. David also reveals how God providentially brought the story of Joseph and his brothers to competition to teach us about repentance and forgiveness. Then we are joined by Beverly Corniaris as she teaches about the colorful Biblical character Elijah. She explains that even though Elijah is at the center of many...

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