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    Five ways to combat holiday family angst

    ...ed, confront the behavior and if necessary, leave. Be a model of grace and forgiveness. Extend both during a visit. This doesn’t mean you allow people to walk all over you. It means when people treat you poorly, address it, extend grace and forgive. Don’t wait for them to do so first. And don’t allow offense and bitterness to take root. Finally, choose one thing you will do differently this year that will help make things better. Don’t try t...

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    Family resemblance

    ...emblance to how Christ loves them? Does the amount of compassion, empathy, forgiveness that I offer to others have any similarity to Christ’s? Am I selfless or selfish? Do I honor God in what I do? Do I seek to love what Christ loves? Of our two boys, one looks more like me and the other looks more like my wife. We have no control over these outward physical traits. However, we can impact those inward traits. Through our example, teaching, guidanc...

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    Dane Ortlund on experiencing God on a deeper level

    ...You can experience the forgiveness, friendship, and affection of God. Dr. Dane Ortlund helps you reflect on the very real, very caring person of Jesus, from his book, “Deeper: Real Change for Real Sinners.”...

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    The Healing Power of Love

    ...be treated with the same respect, love, compassion, kindness, loyalty and forgiveness that God has placed on the inside of us. When we become new creatures in Christ we become Christ like in every way. He has shown us through his love how love is supposed to be given. We fall short of the Glory of God; however he has never given up on us, or stopped loving us, or blessing us. Through him we have the ability, knowledge, courage and understanding t...

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    Shame keeps us stuck

    ...the secret involves sin, wrongdoing, or bad judgment, confess and ask for forgiveness. Talk about your plan to repair the problem and offer solutions. If the secret is really difficult, you may want to go to a therapist and work through it with a third party. Shame serves no good purpose and keeps us stuck if we allow it to rule our lives. God doesn’t shame you. He wants you to feel conviction for sin, but not live in shame. If confession and rep...

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    What to know before saying ‘I do’

    ...y. I think that’s another part that has helped me walk out layers of forgiveness.” • Let go of unrealistic expectations. • Your spouse has parts of their story that have wounded and shaped them. Tread carefully and listen to understand before casting judgment. • Know this: your marriage is not too hard for God to fix. We can trust God with our marriage, our job, our finances, our families, and our futures. Julie and Greg call us to rem...

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    Give the gift of a generational legacy

    ...t’s never too late to improve the mother-child relationship. It might take forgiveness, grace and reconciliation, but it is worth it. Teach by example. Women who have poor relationships with their own moms typically have issues with their own children. So this Mother’s Day, honor your mom by committing to work out your issues and strengthen the relationship. Stay connected even when difficulty presents because you are teaching your children...

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    Let the world see  

    ...eated a pastor, and years later, sought him out and collectively asked for forgiveness and reconciliation. I’m sure there are stories out there of pastors who have returned to churches and done something of a similar nature. Churches are known for fighting and splitting, firing and dividing. Do you ever wonder what a difference could be made in the world if we were known for peacemaking and reconciliation, investing and uniting? I do. So did Jesus...

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    Crying out, He came to me

    ...saw a flood of light and immediately ran the past through my head, asking forgiveness for all, one by one, then sensed/heard “lie down and sleep you are fine” ~ knew was for me, for I had not rested for many nights! But that night I slept for 12 hours straight, and woke, I felt, to a brand new world. That day I heard the song “I can see clearly now the rain has gone” ~ my thinking and life totally changed after that night!...

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    What if I can’t bear fruit?

    ...your head and you are allowing them to encourage you and challenge you in forgiveness and wisdom – you can bear good fruit.” If our soil isn’t good, we can’t expect to bear good fruit. How can we keep our soil healthy? One of the most common ways Christians end up failing to bear fruit is they spend too much time giving. While we are called to be like Christ, dying to ourselves, and sacrificing for others, it doesn’t mean we should say yes...

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