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    When you just can’t forgive

    ...ack or pull away; that is just so instinctive to our nature.” “Forgiveness is not instinctive, and it’s against our nature. Forgiveness is a heavenly nature. Alexander Pope was right when he said ‘To err is human; to forgive is divine.'” When you’ve been deeply hurt, instead of harboring your pain, Mertz invites you to reveal your pain to your Heavenly Father, who wants to heal you. “There is no one who lo...

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    The message of forgiveness

    ...If you were to summarize the gospel message, the word ‘forgiveness’ would be one of the primary concepts. We don’t fully comprehend forgiveness, but Nancy Leigh DeMoss helps us review its power – when we receive it and when we extend it to others. Nancy will share about her book, . The Message of forgiveness...

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    Forever unable to change?

    ...sacrifice on the cross meant we were forever trapped in a cycle of sin and forgiveness, over and over again, unable to escape the kind of person we had become? How many of us want to come to God asking forgiveness for the same things year after year, decade after decade? Always forgiven, never able to change. The earliest followers of Jesus expected spiritual formation to follow immediately after forgiveness. They took seriously the metaphor of th...

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    The power of forgiveness

    ...Biblical mandate to forgive ourselves and others. Greg Laurie shares why unforgiveness is like poison in our lives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxmgZ9DN28c David Jeremiah tells us what the Bible has to say about forgiveness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQgsX84uyq0 Chip Ingram shares a word of encouragement from his Love Series on forgiving those who have wronged us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EraCXSrPfew Find related articles and prog...

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    A story of forgiveness

    ...s family. “What could the media say? When the Amish were coming forth with forgiveness, it was such a blessing to us because we were able to move forward.” The Amish community set an amazing example for how we all should respond when we are sinned against. “What if we as Christians could follow that example, even when it costs us, to forgive in such a way with such grace and honor that becomes the bigger story?” Instead of responding to the Robert...

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    Experiencing the miracle of forgiveness – Ruth Graham

    ...God calls us to extend forgiveness to those who do us harm. That can seem like an impossible task. Ruth Graham shares her journey to forgiveness and freedom, in her book “Forgiving My Father, Forgiving Myself: An Invitation to the Miracle of Forgiveness.”...

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    Ruth Graham on the miracle of forgiveness

    ...Forgiveness is something God calls us to give to all who may have wronged us in our lives. But that can seem like an impossible task. Bill talks with Ruth Graham about her book Forgiving My Father, Forgiving Myself: An Invitation to the Miracle of Forgiveness....

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    The Power of Forgiveness

    ...terally washed away. In that hour. Poof. Healing. A relationship restored. Forgiveness had bridged a divide that seemed impossible to cross. And it was only the Spirit of God that made it possible. In my humanness I would never have been able to lay down the years of pain, anger, and frustration. I had to trust God that His words are true and forgiveness is right. I had to come face to face with the reality that hating my brother was the equivalen...

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    Al and Lisa Robertson on true forgiveness after infidelity

    ...Duck Dynasty stars Al and Lisa Robertson share their story of forgiveness after infidelity and help couples who are struggling in their marriage to learn how to forgive. Their book is Desperate Forgiveness: How Mercy Sets You Free....

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