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    On abortion and being brave

    ...m is a pro-life speaker who tells the story of her abortion experience and forgiveness in Christ. She refutes the lies of the abortion industry with the truth of her experience and leads others to the forgiveness she has found. God has given her this platform for her good and His Glory. The Lord continues to redeem her pain; there are 3 baby girls (that she knows of) that are alive today because she told her story. Carla shares her experience so t...

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    Stopping shame and embracing guilt

    ...ling shame and unsure how to deal with it, we tend to try and fill that hole with various things such as drugs, gambling, people, or other addictions. What we need to realize is that the only way we can fill it and feel right again is by bringing our guilt and shame to God and asking Him for forgiveness. When we go to Him and repent for our sins, He will grant us with peace and forgiveness for whatever we have done. It is through God that we can o...

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    Suffering gives us an opportunity to show Christ

    ...nd. The two women appeared on national television the next day and offered forgiveness to the men who had killed their husbands for their faith. “In a Muslim context, that’s absolutely earth-shattering. Because in a Muslim context, if you hit me then I’m going to hit you back harder. If you kill one of my children, then I’m going to kill two of yours. That vengeance and that payback is so baked into the culture. These two ladies,...

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    Novel Talk: Song of the Brokenhearted by Sheila Walsh

    ...nt now.” The novel highlights the importance of the freeing power of forgiveness. Quite often it takes a time of crisis for underlying issues that need forgiveness to come to the surface. “There’s usually something that knocks normal off the table so we have to take a look.” Sometimes we feel like we can’t survive the storms. We think the challenges will overwhelm us. This is a lie from the enemy. Christ said the oppo...

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    Ask the Professor!

    ...os where someone has done something to offend us but doesn’t ask for forgiveness. What can we learn from biblical characters about the nature of true forgiveness? • Will we be able to recognize our loved ones in our Heavenly Home? • When disagreements come up in our church, how do I know when an issue or situation is important enough to leave the church? • What do you we do when certain facts in the bible don’t seem to fit together? Ca...

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    Esther Kim and Melissa Coleman on the hidden key to powerful prayer

    ...Prayer makes a difference, and you can engage in even more powerful prayers when you seek total forgiveness and pray with others. Intercessor prayer warriors Esther Kim and Melissa Coleman offer biblical insights about forgiveness and mercy and pray for listener requests. Listen to previous episode and read about mercy prayers with Melissa Coleman here....

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    How to be unoffendable

    ...cruciating to forgive – that’s why the alternative to anger is forgiveness. Because you can’t do both at the same time.” Brant points out that in Scripture, we’re called to lay down our anger. How then should we respond to injustice, suffering, oppression, and murder? • Choose to forgive. • Realize that when we get angry at someone, we’re making presumptions about their motives, attitude, and abilities that we c...

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    Amy Boucher Pye

    ...merican’s eyes. Her second book, The Living Cross: Exploring God’s Gift of Forgiveness and New Life (BRF, 2016), engages with biblical and modern-day stories of forgiveness and freedom in a Lenten devotional. She runs the Woman Alive book club and writes for publications such as Our Daily Bread and Day by Day with God. An American who has made her home in the UK for nearly twenty years, she is married to an English vicar and they have two wonderfu...

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    Sharing your story

    When women share stories of God’s love and forgiveness after abortion, we can see that they bring glory to God. Likewise, when women tell stories of an abortion that they describe in a positive light, we can see the lack of Christ in their account. Everyone has a story, and recently we’ve been seeing these stories pop up in a new social media campaign called “#ShoutYourAbortion.” #ShoutYourAbortion’s large-scale social media trend has taken the n...

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    Meaningful apologies

    ...0;An apology takes barriers and tears them down so it opens the doorway to forgiveness.” Dr. Thomas says there are four key “Rs” that describe a meaningful apology: Expressing regret Accepting responsibility Making restitution Genuinely repenting Is there one of these areas where our apologies commonly fall short? When is it the right thing to make that tough declaration – “I was wrong”? What happens in a scenar...

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