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Spiritual Growth

How do you connect with God?

Does the idea of sitting quietly with a devotional seem hard for you? Maybe you connect with God more through worship music, or time outdoors. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, Susie talks with author and speaker Gary Thomas about Sacred Pathways. We look at how God wired each of us to connect with Him in a deep and meaningful…

Susie Larson



The power of a woman

“Within every woman there is a fierceness that God has placed within us in order to fulfill our calling.” God calls women to be fierce and tender at the same time, in a uniquely feminine way. What does that look like? How can we be tender without being passive? Kimberly Wagner shares her own experiences and lessons learned…



The practice of affirmation

Are some people wired to affirm others, or is it a learned habit? Are you striving to be more grateful and affirming in this year? Sam Crabtree, executive pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, is an ‘affirmation advocate’ and he helps us see the value of Practicing Affirmation—and the price to pay if we don’t. We review practical…


Do you have faith, or the opposite of it?

I’ve always felt like I’ve had a good amount of faith.  But whenever anyone would share the incredible miracles of what God did for them, I’d think “well, that’s good for them, but that won’t ever happen to me!”   I was especially skeptical of those stories where people said they got…


Spiritual rhythm

What does it mean to have a spiritual rhythm? Today Susie’s guest is pastor and prolific author Mark Buchanan, associate professor of pastoral theology at Ambrose Seminary. Listen as we unpack the traits and disciplines of a praying life, and Mark helps us build a rhythm into our day for every season of life to gain a Spiritual…

Susie Larson


Finding hidden treasures in dark places

I’ve never been good with waiting. My husband never understands why I purposefully read the end of a novel just to know what happens and yet still go back and finish reading the rest of the book. When we watch a movie, if he knows how it ends, I want him to tell me, then I can settle in and enjoy the rest. When I was a little girl, I discovered…



Inside Israel with Wayne Stiles

One of the things I so love about our Lord is that Jesus was a master storyteller. We feel we can actually see the characters he so vividly renders in his teaching parables about widows and farmers and a prodigal and his family. But these imaginings can sometimes impede our knowledge that there were also real people who met Jesus and…



Stop praying

Francis Chan talks about making your prayer life more than just an empty habit. We want to pray with you, and for you. Will you share your prayers for 2014?…

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