Rachel Cruze is a seasoned communicator and presenter, helping Americans learn the proper ways to handle money and stay out of debt. Today she serves as a Ramsey Personality, using her knowledge and experiences from growing up as Dave Ramsey’s daughter to educate others. She co-authored the #1 New York Times best-selling book  with her dad, and her new book, .

Since joining Ramsey Solutions in 2010, Rachel has traveled the country speaking at colleges, churches and conferences to educate students and young adults on the dangers of debt and how to budget their money and save for the future. Already a veteran communicator and presenter, she has been speaking to audiences as large as 10,000 since the age of 15, when she began making appearances on stage with her father as part of the company’s The Total Money Makeover LIVE! events. She also teaches Foundations in Personal Finance, a curriculum geared toward high school and college students.