There is nothing “ordinary” about Glenn Pickering. How many electrical engineers, when they say they want to go back to school, are referring to seminary? And how many of those, once they become pastors, feel called to a specialized ministry and earn their PhD in psychology? And go on to become a leading Christian pastoral counselor, providing transformational counseling services to thousands of individuals and couples? Without ever losing their childlike heart for God?

These simple facts, in and of themselves, would be enough to suggest that Glenn was indeed an extraordinary person. Yet, what truly sets him apart is his ability to share his profound wisdom in ways that are simple, clear, and immediately applicable.

Dr. Pickering is, at heart, a scientist and a teacher—a keen observer whose brilliant work with thousands of couples led him to the amazing discoveries that he wants to share with you. The TAG-related books and seminars that he and his wife, Gwen, have created contain the revolutionary insights, real-life examples, and concrete change strategies that have transformed people’s lives and that will help you to create the powerful, loving relationships you always wanted.