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    Building better men with Vince Miller

    How can men build one another up? What are the qualities of a strong man, according to God? Hear some solid encouragement from Vince Miller on the power of Christ to transform men (and manhood) into the image of the Father....

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    Vince Miller on the virtues that build a man

    Why is it important for men to rise up and become who God created them to be? Vince Miller explains how building better men builds better homes, marriages, workplaces, and churches....

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    Lessons that build leaders with Vince Miller

    As iron sharpens iron, we all get better and stronger by learning from other believers. We focus on the power of mentorship and pursuing spiritual growth together, with Vince Miller,  author of 20 Lessons That Build a Leader....

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    Attributes of a man with Vince Miller

    How do we understand what masculinity is when it appears so convoluted everywhere we look? Vince Miller speaks to the Christ-like attributes of manhood that lead to transformed men....

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    The importance of mentoring others

    ...e. God uses it to weave His people together and advance the gospel message.  Author, speaker, and mentor to men Vince Miller talks about the vital role of mentorship and how important it is for Christians to live out this biblical mandate today. Vince shares how his grandfather invested into his life and how it impacted him from a very young age. “I grew up in a home that did not know Christ. My father was an atheist and my mom was an agnostic. W...

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    Guy Talk: conflict, success, and the power of bacon

    Our unofficial roundtable of menfolk is back! Peter Kapsner, Jim Beilby, and special guest Vince Miller join Bill for another edition of “Guy Talk.” This week, they take your questions on conflict, success, and the power of bacon....

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    From a fatherless boy to a mentor for men

    Vince Miller, founder of Resolute, a non-profit focused on providing men with tools for discipleship and mentorship, believes our purpose is not found within ourselves, rather given to us by our Creator.

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    Guy Talk, Episode 5: Competition, participation trophies, and speed limits

    Our unofficial panel of menfolk is back! Peter Kapsner, Jim Beilby, and special guest Vince Miller convene for another edition of “Guy Talk.” This week, they talk competition, participation trophies, lessons we learn from losing vs. winning, and the morality of speed limits....

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