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    Michael Yankoski

    Michael Yankoski is both a writer and a speaker, and spends much of his time compelling audiences around the world toward a Christ centered response to our world’s great needs. When he’s not writing or on the road speaking, he can usually be found doing something outdoors, like hiking or running. He holds a Masters Degree from Regent College, is the author of several books including Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of...

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    The practice of Christian disciplines

    When your heart feels dry, how can you reconnect with God? Listen as Susie and Michael Yankoski look at Christian disciplines that can re-ignite your faith. Michael shares how God changed his own perspective and pace of life. “We think if our life is full, we’ll find that satisfaction we’re always looking for. If Moses had been running by, would he have been able to see the burning bush? Think of all Moses was able to do becaus...

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    The year that changed his life

    What would a year of intentional devotion to Christ look like from day to day? Mike Yankoski took up the challenge and using practices from early church fathers and diligent study of the scriptures went about transforming his life and his walk of faith. He’s recounted his journey in the book The Sacred Year and he’ll share his story, insights, and encouragement for all believers on the next Connecting Faith. Michael’s experience intentionally li...

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