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    Gary L. Thomas

    ...f your spouse. Build a closer, grace-based family. Enjoy God with a new sense of freedom and delight. Find out more at: GaryThomas.com...

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    Gary Thomas on how to deal with toxic people

    ...All relationships can be difficult, but what about when you interact with someone who is toxic? Author Gary Thomas shares research and insights from his book, “When to Walk Away: Finding Freedom from Toxic People.”...

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    Gary Thomas on how to connect with God

    ...Daily time in God’s Word and regular involvement at church are important for a healthy believer. But our individual connection to God can extend beyond these regular habits and look quite different from one another. Author Gary Thomas shares wisdom and insights from his book Sacred Pathways: Discover Your Soul’s Path to God....

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    Finding freedom for toxic people – Gary Thomas

    ...Difficult relationships can be healed; toxic relationships need to be ended. How can we discern the difference? How does Jesus deal toxic people in scripture? Gary Thomas helps us find freedom from toxic people from his book, “When to Walk Away.”...

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    Gary Thomas on strengthening your marriage

    ...Author Gary Thomas shares from his book “Making Your Marriage a Fortress: Strengthening Your Marriage to Withstand Life’s Storms.” He shares stories from marriages that will encourage and inspire you to do the work to fortify your marriage and relationships....

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    Gary Thomas on loving your husband well

    ...As a wife, you have have the unique ability to help your husband draw closer you and closer to God. Bestselling author Gary Thomas talks with Susie about his book, Loving Him Well: Practical Advice on Influencing Your Husband....

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    Gary Thomas on The Glorious Pursuit

    ...Gary Thomas talks about the inspiration and intention of revising The Glorious Pursuit, originally published 20 years ago. He talks about the virtues we need to pursue so that we not only have the message of Jesus, we also have the manner of Jesus....

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    Gary Thomas on enjoying your time with God

    ...As believers, we know how important it is to make time to connect with God. But sometimes it feels more like a duty than a joy. Author Gary Thomas presents 9 unique ways to deepen your relationship with God from his revised book, “Sacred Pathways: Nine Ways to Connect with God.”...

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    Meaningful apologies

    ...orry” is usually not enough. Best-selling author Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas have co-authored the book, , detailing effective ways to mend relationships through meaningful apologies. Dr. Jennifer Thomas shares advice on the importance of an apology – on this latest episode of Connecting Faith. Here’s where the conversation takes us: What defines an apology? Are the words “I’m sorry” always an essential element of...

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    Jennifer Thomas

    Jennifer Thomas is a bestselling author, speaker, apology critic, and psychologist who helps people know what to say in every situation. She has served hundreds of individuals and couples in her counseling and consulting roles. For more than a decade, Jennifer’s books, speaking engagements, and resources have helped people. Get out of the “dog house” and restore valuable relationships. Bring heated arguments to a screeching halt. Break through ba...

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