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    The Book of Beginnings, Part 14 | Union with Christ

    ...David Wheaton leads us through Genesis 24: we see the story of Isaac and Rebekah, and God’s design for faithful marriage. (Find Part 1 of our series on Genesis here.) Then we dive into Romans 6, and what it means to have union with Christ with Pastor Clay Kraby of Reasonable Theology....

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    Headlines and punchlines | Do ALL things work together for good?

    ...We take a humorous look at news headlines and daily life with friend and colleague Patrick Albanese.Then pastor Clay Kraby delves into a popular verse, Romans 8:28, to discern what God’s really promising us in His pledge to make “all things work together for good.”...

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    Creation, evolution, and the Gospel | Reading to grow your soul

    ...Why is the debate between creation and evolution so important? Apologist Eric Hovind explains why what we believe about our beginnings impacts our eternity. Then Clay Kraby shares four simple ways to become better readers, and how good books ignite your spiritual growth....

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    Headlines and punchlines | Recognizing wolves in sheep’s clothing

    ...Bill takes a humorous look at weekend news and daily life with friend and colleague Patrick Albanese. Then Pastor Clay Kraby of Reasonable Theology helps us learn to recognize false teachers and replace the lies of the enemy with the truth of God....

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    Soaring on eagles wings | We can trust the Bible’s authenticity

    ...Trusting God to lift them: we meet Dick Andrews and Barry Jaeger whose passion for soaring in glider planes just won them a national championship. Then we learn 4 big reasons we can trust the reliability of the Scriptures with Clay Kraby of Reasonable Theology....

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