Episode #306 — Can you imagine becoming an internationally celebrated singing sensation at just 15 years old?! We welcome someone who lived it, the tremendously talented Rachael Lampa.

Rachael burst onto the CCM scene with her debut album Live for You while still only in Middle School. When something like that happens, are you overwhelmed by the hugeness of it all? Or are you too young to know you should be?!

“The latter! But I think part of it has to do with the incredible people that surrounded me – my mom, my brother, and my dad. People who were looking out for me. They really helped keep it fun and light and about the main thing, which was God. We were just enjoying it – receiving God’s love and the fact He’d given me this great and fun opportunity to just enjoy Him, meet cool people, enjoy His earth He created.”

Looking back on her own experience from the perspective of a mom has given her a fresh appreciation for that time.

“I have a kid now, so I’m just like, ‘I can’t imagine! A little 14, 15 year old?!’ But if there was a way to do it right, I think my family did it the right way and kept it really fun and sweet. I wasn’t paying much attention to success or numbers or anything like that, so it was really fun.”

Rachael’s newest music appears as part of an extraordinary effort uniting some of the most impactful female singers and writers active today. It’s called the Faithful Project, and it celebrates God’s goodness to women across time. In the songwriting journey with her friends, Rachael said the looked in detail at the lives of some of the Bible’s most remarkable women.

“It was the easiest thing to do honestly. It was like the second you cracked open the Bible, and you started reading about these women you just knew that God was going to show up in a big way. When you hear a woman’s name in the Bible, you know something big is about to happen!. He gave so much honor and so much power and purpose to women. And in a time where they were second class citizens. There was no voice for them. There was no place for them in the culture.”

Rachael Lampa is a tremendously talented vocalist, songwriter & a part of the remarkable new effort The Faithful Project. It’s a book, album & upcoming livestream event all celebrating God’s goodness toward women across time. It’s all available May 1st.

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On the Road with Rachael Lampa

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