It’s the Labor Day weekend and most of us hoped we would be out with family and friends barbequing and doing life as usual. Unfortunately, between hurricanes, wild fires and the Delta Variant, life remains a bit unsettled for so many. For the first time since the pandemic began, more of my friends know people sick with the Delta variant. In fact, we have several friends fighting for their lives right now. Please pray for their healing.

Because of the confusion around the original virus and now the Delta variant, we decided to ask a physician friend of mine, Dr. Lauri Ann Maitland to answer our questions. In fact, we had so many questions, we did two shows were her. So, stay tuned for Part 2 on September 18.

On this show, Dr. Maitland explains the different tests if you are exposed to someone with COVID or the Delta variant or if you develop symptoms. She helps us understand the differences between this variant and the original COVID 19 virus; points us to credible sources for information, and yes, talks about masks and what we know about the safety of the vaccines.

Dr. Maitland is a Family Medicine physician and medical educator. She earned a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Boston University School of Public Health, her medical degree is from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine and she completed her postgraduate resident training at the Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency program. She practices clinically and teaches both medical students and residents. Given her public health focus, she has been closely following the data during the pandemic as well as treating her patients. She is very knowledgeable and willing to help people navigate through this difficult time. She is a personal friend, colleague, a follower of Christ and someone I trust and respect deeply. And she took time out of her busy practice to speak to us.

Our conversation is not political or based on ideology. It is dialogue from a public health perspective. We are health care providers who address health care and medical issues. So please listen to learn. Disagree if you like, but please be respectful of our medical profession and its physicians who are taking care of our families. We know not everyone agrees on every aspect of this pandemic, but let’s model Christ and love our neighbors.

In addition, let’s continue to pray for those who are ill and those treating the ill as many of them are now in quarantine as well. Most of all, let’s not walk in fear or make a health care issue a political one. Let’s make it a point to stay humble in all we say and do.

God give us grace to navigate these challenging times, to work together and whatever we do in word of deed, let it be to your glory. Let’s get informed and hear from medical professionals who treat patients and scrub up to take care of our loved ones.

New variant, new stress: A physician answers your questions