Harry is the grandson of Her Majesty the Queen, he is the second son of the Prince of Wales. His mother was the late Princess Diana. Harry’s title is Duke of Sussex and his bride, Meghan, is the Duchess. They are part of the royal family of Great Britain. And with royal blood and royal titles come not only privileges but responsibilities. The world is now aware that Harry and Meghan want to the world to see them and treat them differently. They are not renouncing their royalty so much as the responsibilities that come with the identity.

How do we, as Christians, do the same?

We are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people. Our Father is the King of kings and Lord of all.  The most royal blood of all was spilled in order that we might be adopted as sons and daughters of the most sovereign. We are co-heirs with the Prince of Peace and to us are extended all the benefits and privileges due him. But with all that do we also accept the responsibilities?

Do we accept the role and responsibility of serving everyday in every place as the very Ambassadors of the King and representatives of the Kingdom? Do we want all the privileges of royalty without living as those to whom all authority and heaven and earth has been bestowed?

We want every spiritual blessing and we want to be counted as God’s children but do we also want all that comes with that in a world that received Him not?

I had a conversation with Dr. David Aikman about the palace intrigue in Great Britain related to Harry and Meghan’s desire to step back from the responsibilities associated with being “senior royals.”

The privileges and responsibilities of being royal

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