This year’s Mother’s Day celebration will look quite different for most families across the country. In my state, we are still under the stay-at-home order so there will be no family or friends gathering to celebrate. Yes, we have social media platforms, but those are not the same as being able to hug your children and have them in your home. Regardless, we are blessed to be moms and to have our moms. We can send flowers, balloons, gifts through the mail and use our devices to connect. While I am thankful for technology, I long for the day when families can eat, laugh and be together in person again.

Given the unique circumstances of this year’s Mother’s Day, pray for the families who have lost their moms in nursing homes and assisted living facilities due to COVID-19. Many families will be grieving, not celebrating. When you pray, pray for the moms that are hospitalized, but also the ones who are caretaking the sick as nurses, doctors, and health care workers. Many moms are on the front line fighting the virus. Also, pray for the moms who bravely venture out to service us in grocery stores, gas stations, fast food places and more. Other moms have lost their jobs, are single parents trying to keep the peace at home and may feel isolated and alone. Pray for the moms who are captive to an abuser in their home, living with an active addict or someone with untreated mental illness. Moms always need our prayers, but this year, maybe even more.

Despite the challenges of this season, let’s remain grateful and count our blessings. Most of us have a place to live, loved ones who check in on us, food in our cupboards, neighbors who care and others who encourage and support us. And while we won’t be in church this Mother’s Day like years past, we always have our faith to guide, encourage and bring hope to our heart.

So, this Mother’s Day, don’t focus on what you can’t do. Rather focus on what you can do. Is there a mom you could call or FaceTime? Could you cut some flowers from your yard and take them to a mom who is lonely or isolated? Or maybe there is a meal you could drop off at the doorstep of a mom who is home alone. How about a handwritten poem or letter describing how much your mom means to you? Thankfully, sending your love via a card or written note hasn’t been affected by quarantine. You can record a message to mom in which you express what she means to you. Whatever you do, express your love now while your mom is still with you. COVID-19 reminds us that life circumstances can change quickly and we need to appreciate our loved ones everyday.

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