Episode #259 — It is nearly impossible to frown while listening to a Micah Tyler song. If you’ve attempted it, you understand. The irrepressible recording artist explores where the joy comes from as we welcome him On the Road.

Then he shares the trials and triumphs that led him to his latest music – from hurricanes, to a shocking diagnosis, to the undeniable grace and faithfulness of God.

Finally, Micah comes clean about his longtime fear of chickens & discloses his views as to the perfect state of Pop Tarts.

All this – and much more – in our latest trek On the Road. You’re only a swift click of the play button below away.

Micah Tyler is the effervescent hit-maker behind “Even Then”, “Different” & “Never Been a Moment”. He’s back at it with his latest single “Amen” and the fresh album, New Today, available everywhere this Friday. 

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On the Road with Micah Tyler