Episode #277 — This is a year none of us will forget. But imagine navigating the ups and downs of 2020 while releasing a major motion picture & two books! That’s the road Adrienne Camp, her husband Jeremy and their family have been walking.

Adrienne explores the oddity and the unexpected blessings of releasing I Still Believe just three days before theaters across America were shut down because of COVID 19.

To be honest with you, it was so hard at first. Leading up to the movie, it would probably have been two years if not more of just hard work. Writing the script, choosing the cast, and interviews – just the anticipation of leading up to it. And then even emotionally going through some of those hard things again, and reliving some of that – how is the world going to respond?”

“And then, of course, the movie was out in the theaters for one weekend. On the Friday actually that it came out it was the number one movie in America, and then it literally had two more days in the theater before all the theaters got shut down.”

Adrienne explains the feelings they went through hearing that stunning news.

“We felt like we were going 100 miles an hour and then just hit a brick wall. It was just like, ‘What is happening?’ Because there was such excitement. I mean, the estimation was millions of people are going to get to see this, and then all of a sudden finding out all the theaters are shut down. So now what’s going to happen?

“But then we started to see it unfold, and just really see that God’s hand was still in it. So many people were watching it in the privacy of their own homes, being able to process the message of the movie at home in their own space instead of sitting in sort of an unfamiliar movie theater. I just feel like the message was able to hit so much deeper.”

As Adrienne had more time to think process what was happening, she couldn’t miss the connection between the message of the film and what we were all going through.

“What’s so ironic in a way is that the very message of the movie is that even when I don’t feel like it, even when I don’t understand, I still choose to believe. That even when I don’t fully see what’s going on, I’m still going to trust. So I think we were literally feeling like we have to live out what this movie is actually speaking of right now. Even in the midst of this pandemic, just the whole world shutting down – it’s just going, God we don’t understand what’s going on necessarily, but we’re just going to choose to hold on to and choose to trust You still. So I just feel like it became a movie that just had such a powerful impact during this season. It was the message I feel like people really needed to hear.”

Adrienne Camp is the singer, songwriter & author behind the new books In Unison: The Unfinished Story of Jeremy & Adrienne Camp written with her husband Jeremy Camp & the children’s book Even Me: The Adventure of Two Girls Reaching Out to Share God’s Love. She’s depicted in this year’s hit movie I Still Believe that’s touched so many.

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On the Road with Adrienne Camp