Laughter is a beautiful gift. But in these days, it might be an easy gift to forget.

Kerri Pomarolli’s profession is all about bringing people joy, and she believes humor can be a path to perspective & peace in unprecedented times.

“As a Christian, I really feel we need to laugh at the devil. Because all this mayhem in our lives, it’s all from him. It’s not from God. It’s the devil trying to sow chaos and confusion in your life, and so – even in the worst of the worst of circumstances – sometimes I just laugh and I go, ‘You just gave me an even bigger testimony! You just gave me an even bigger scope of people to minister to! So thank you!'”

“If we can look at this from that perspective – that this is spiritual warfare when we go through these things – and we laugh at him, and we don’t let him take our joy, we win that battle.”

Kerri has a profound & deep faith in Jesus, and she’s built a successful career in Hollywood. She paints the picture of the challenges and blessings that path presents.

“I really want to say it depends on where you are at with your faith. Because if you’re a person who professes faith, but then you’ll go out and take any job, anywhere, anytime – then the devil is going to leave you alone!”

“Christians standing up for what is right and for what is moral, and saying no to things don’t have it that easy. But if you just say you’re a Christian, but you’re still going to do that ‘R’ rated movie – and you’re still going to do the nude scene, you’re still going to use all the language – nobody cares! Because everybody thinks they’re Christian anyway.”

The easiest path isn’t always the one we’re called to walk.

I think the deeper you go in your faith, it’s a narrower path you’re called to walk. I just feel like it’s a watered-down Christianity sometimes in Hollywood, so we really have to take seriously, ‘Where are you willing to draw a line? Are you willing to fight the good fight?”

Kerri Pomarolli is a celebrated stand-up comedian that’s graced stages from the Tonight Show to Comedy Central to ABC. She’s a screenwriter, a speaker & the author of the fresh wisdom of Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman & She Rises Late & Her Kids Make Her Breakfast – Devotions for the Proverbs 32 Woman.

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On the Road with Kerri Pomarolli