Our ever-present technology and breakneck pace of life invite us to be chronically distracted. To miss the simple and beautiful things all around us. Recording artist & author Ellie Holcomb wants to help us remember.

“My goodness, yes. As a mom of three kids at a very distracted age, many times I get to the end of the day, and I just think – have I told my kids anything that matters? I’ve told them a lot of things – wash your hands, gentle touches. There are so many things I’m communicating with my kids, but I get to the end of day and I’m like, did I tell my kids what really matters? That they belong to a God who made them, and they’re wonderfully and fearfully made for a purpose?”

“A lot of times my answer to that question is no, but at the end of the day what always happens is we read and snuggle. And we sing, and we pray. So I just thought, man. What if I could write a book that would help me and my kids know what matters at the end of the day? What if I could write a book for us to gather around as a family at the end of a distracted crazy, busy day that we could warm our hearts by the light of God’s love? So I set out to write Don’t Forget to Remember, and it has been a really beautiful process.”

Ellie’s second children’s book is accompanied by a contagiously hopeful EP called Sing: Remembering Songs.

“I love the idea that if we stop to listen, if we stop to pay attention, there are clues all over the place that point to the love of God. I hope this project is like a treasure map to the most precious treasure – which is the love of God and the story of His love for us.”

Ellie Holcomb is the recording artist known for songs like Find You Here, The Broken Beautiful, and her collaborations with her husband and his Americana staples Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Her latest project is for kids – the EP Sing: Remembering Songs and the companion book Don’t Forget to Remember.

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On the Road with Ellie Holcomb

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