There are few topics that capture our imagination more than true courage. David Eubank knows something about it. He and his Free Burma Rangers go to the most dangerous places on earth and bring humanitarian relief to those who need it most.

In places like Mosul, Iraq during the battle between ISIS & the Iraqi army and its allies, there were bullets flying around David’s head and explosions shaking the ground he ran on to rescue survivors of unimaginable tragedy. So how is David possibly able to clear his mind and operate at such a high level? How does he find the courage to step into such dangers?

“I think the first thing is, ‘Lord, what do You want me to do?’ When you’re faced with something, you have time. You may be running towards the action or away from it, but you can run and pray at the same time! ‘Lord Jesus, what do I do?’ And He’ll answer you. Run. Stop. You do it. And that overcomes your fear.”

“We don’t want to be led by pride. We don’t want to be led by comfort or fear. We want to be led by love, and the opportunities of love Jesus gives us each day. In a dramatically dangerous situation, there’s also an opportunity. But you want to be led by God. And I found that when I say, ‘Jesus. I’m afraid, but I know you want me to do this. Please help me. Please give me love that love comes from You.'”

So does the fear ever disappear completely?

“I think at some point I could say my fear went away, and you could say at that moment I was fearless. But that’s only a moment. It’s overcome by the purpose God has given you. By commitment. But when that moment is over, and before that moment, you are not fearless. Unless you’re insane! You’ve got fear, but it’s not a question of if you have it, but what you do with that fear.

David Eubank founded the Christian humanitarian service movement, the Free Burma Rangers & authors Do This for Love; Free Burma Rangers in the Battle of Mosul.

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On the Road with David Eubank

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