God has been showing Cody Carnes a beautiful truth in a fresh way in recent days. That He is our Father – near to us, concerned with the little details that make up our lives, and present with us with wisdom and new life for the path ahead.

“I remember being a teenager and starting to lead worship. I would prepare for that worship set. I would prepare Scriptures I thought God put on my heart and prepare songs, and I’d go out and lead the songs and lead the services. I remember coming off stage and hearing God the Father, His voice just saying, ‘I’m so proud of you. You said exactly what I wanted you to say, and did exactly what I wanted you to do.’ Getting that affirmation from Him as a father.”

“As great as my father raised me, there were still gaps. Certain things he just wasn’t equipped to teach me, and I’ve seen God fill in those gaps as a father. I’ve seen God really just speak wisdom to me as a husband, and with my kids. So I just know God to be a really good Father, and this song really came out of a time in my life when I was experiencing that a lot just with having a bit of a rough rough patch in my relationship with my own father, my earthly father, and seeing God fill in those gaps.”

Experiencing the power of this reality led to the writing of the title track of Cody’s just-released record, Run to the Father.

“I started the song with a couple friends, and we just got on this topic writing together, and it just came pouring out of our experiences. ‘My heart needs a surgeon.’ God is so like a surgeon. He’s so near to your wound, and He’s also such a specialist in healing those wounds. That’s really what God does. And ‘My soul needs a friend.’ God is such a friend. He’s not this distant religious figure. No. He’s alive, and He’s moving through His Holy Spirit. And He’s close.”

“So now I just really pray this song helps people see how much God cares for them, how close He is, how near He is. How much He wants to walk hand in hand, step by step with us in every situation of our lives.”

Cody Carnes is the worship leader, songwriter & recording artist behind songs like “Nothing Else,” “Run To The Father”, and “Christ Be Magnified” – each featured on his new record Run To The Fatherjust available wherever fine music is sold or streamed.

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On the Road with Cody Carnes

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