She was a sixth generation Mormon & could trace her lineage back to the founders of the LDS church. Growing up in beautiful Utah, faith was the center of her family’s life and something she deeply believed in personally.

But in college, Lisa Brockman met a fellow student who said he was a “born again Christian”. She was taken aback, confused by the term, and – eventually – started asking questions.

Those questions opened an incredible journey that led Lisa to an authentic faith in Jesus. The path she’s walked gives her real insight into how we can love and share our faith with LDS friends, neighbors & family members. She offers great advice to those of us looking to do just that.

Begin with testimony. Ask them to share their testimony with you. Because testimony is a Mormon’s plumb line for truth. That’s how they know the church is true, and it’s everything to them. They value it, and they share it often. So that’s my first foot forward – would you please share your testimony with me? I’d love to hear that story.”

“And then that opens a door for me to share my testimony. And we can come to a place to see there’s got to be something more than personal testimony as our plumb line for discovering truth. Because we both know that we know that the God we believe in and what we believe is true. So we can’t both be at that place. That’s not possible that both of us have the truth.”

It might just be the beginning of the story, but it could be the story that changes everything for someone.

“So I’d begin there with a lot of curiosity. Embodying Christ to them – so much of the journey, and it’s a long journey with Mormons –  you get to join in a conversation God is already having with them. So there’s no pressure. That’s where I would begin.”

Lisa Brockman is a writer & missionary who traces her journey out of the LDS faith into a relationship with Jesus in the freshly released book Out of Zion: Meeting Jesus in the Shadow of the Mormon Temple.

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On the Road with Lisa Brockman