In the powerful new track “Borrow”, the gifted singer / songwriter Josh Wilson is tackling a battle that’s very personal – but one shared by millions.

“In my darker times dealing with anxiety I was actually having panic attacks. This was back in 2013. On my record “Carry Me”, that title song was was all about my experience with panic attacks. I didn’t know what was causing them or how to stop them, and I actually thought I was going to have to quit traveling because I couldn’t get on an airplane or a tour bus.”

The stunning nature of that struggle made Josh confront some deep questions.

“That was a humbling thing in my life for sure. I had to really rely on my faith in Jesus and not just sort of give lip service to my trust in God and His plan.”

My prayers became very simple. ‘God, please help me take this next breath’. Because a lot of times I would have trouble breathing. And ‘God, help me leave the house today’. ‘Help me get on this airplane today.'”

Josh explains how God reached into his journey and his heart through a profound passage in Matthew.

“It’s certainly been a journey, and it hasn’t happened overnight. But over time things have gotten better, and – like I said – it comes in seasons. I’m learning when Jesus says in Matthew 6 – don’t be anxious about tomorrow. Tomorrow’s got enough worries of its own. I’m learning that means I’ve got to take my faith one day at a time.”

“And that’s what the song is about. It says, ‘Don’t borrow trouble from tomorrow when there’s no point in dragging tomorrow’s worry into today’. The song is just a reminder – let’s all take it one day at a time.”

Anxiety is one of the vitally important topics we often don’t want to talk about openly. Josh explains why he felt it was so important to be real about this journey.

“The more honest and vulnerable I am, I think it actually takes some anxiety and tension off me. Because I’m not trying to be something that I’m not. So by saying, ‘Look I don’t have it all together!’ That sort of defuses any kind of tension that I have to pretend to be something I’m not right at the get go.”

I don’t follow Jesus because I have it all together. I call myself a Christian because I don’t have it all together, and because I need grace and because I need faith. I need a God who is stronger than me.”

Josh Wilson is the singer/songwriter behind powerful favorites like “I Refuse” and “That Was Then, This Is Now”. His ear-catching new track is “Borrow” from his latest EP, “Don’t Look Back”.

On the Road with Josh Wilson

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