If your goal in life is to be happy, what do you do when your marriage makes you unhappy? For Jamie Crosier, divorce was the answer.

When Kevin and Jamie met, their life of partying, drinking, and hanging out with friends was nonstop fun. Not much changed from their dating life to their married life, but after several years Jamie longed to have a child.

When she became pregnant, she no longer wanted to drink or go to the bars, so Kevin went without her. That began a season of growing apart and growing resentment.

Kevin often traveled for work. When he was home, he preferred to go out for a few drinks in the evening. Jamie’s resentment of his choices made being at home with her more and more uncomfortable.

When Kevin was on the road, his behavior continued, and it often put him in compromising positions. Their relationship began a downward spiral.

By the time their daughter was born, a lot of damage had been done. Several months later, Jamie learned that Kevin was having an affair.

“I had suspected that something was going on, because we were living two different lives. When I found out, I wasn’t this sad wife; I was excited because I finally had an out. If I filed for divorce because I was unhappy that wouldn’t be okay, but I could file for divorce for infidelity. This was my validation.”

Jamie confronted Kevin just before he was leaving for a business trip. She told him that when he came home she and the baby would be gone.

When Kevin kissed their daughter goodbye, it was the first time Jamie saw real emotion from Kevin toward them. In her mind it was too little, too late. Kevin said,

“I’ve never experienced that kind of loss and hurt – to feel the weight of the consequences and the responsibility of all my choices and behaviors. To walk back into my house and see things gone, to see my wife and my daughter gone – it was heartbreaking.”

Jamie thought Kevin could never change. Even if he wanted to, Kevin didn’t know how to change…until he sat down to watch a movie.

Hear Kevin and Jamie’s story in Chapter 46 of Epic.

When marriage makes you unhappy - Kevin and Jamie Crosier Part 1

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