Most ministry leaders are characterized by a passion to serve others. While passion is necessary, when does it cross the line of burnout?

Dr. Jack Graham, a seasoned, three-decade pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church, discusses the basics of ministry and an effective work-life balance with Dr. Jeremiah Johnston.

Jack says,

“The greatest thing you can do is to tell a person about Jesus and the way of salvation and the way to know Christ and live forever. The ministry of the Church is to find a need and fill it – find a hurt and help it.”

Leading in ministry is a challenge, and believers do well to remain teachable and dependent upon God. Jack asserts,

“The Christian life is not hard. It’s impossible in our own strength. Ministry is the same. I made the wonderful discovery of the Spirit-filled life.”

While Christians can mature with time, they are also at risk for becoming cynics with difficult life experiences.

“As you get older, you would think it would get easier to believe, but there are things that can happen and challenge people’s faith and make it harder to believe. I’ve endeavored to maintain my role as a student. Keep your knees on the floor and your nose in the book.”

The way the Church will continue to survive and thrive is through evangelism and avoiding turning inward too much.

“Every day is an opportunity to get up and do something that makes an eternal difference in someone’s life. When Jesus is at the core of our ministry, His love flows through us.”

When a ministry leader faces daunting circumstances or internal battles, the best place for the leader to be is back on their knees as a student of God.

Dr. Jack Graham is pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, and is known for his role as a faithful teacher through PowerPoint Ministries. The mission of the ministry is “to glorify God by introducing Jesus Christ as Lord to as many people as possible, and to develop them in Christian living using the most effective means to impact the world, making an eternal difference in this generation.”

Dr. Jack Graham: Keys to ministry faithfulness and balance

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