Fear is a warning system built into our bodies as a natural reaction to danger. It is healthy to feel fear in the face of danger. It acts like an alarm and prompts us to action. But when fear takes hold of our lives, it turns to worry and anxiety.

Anxiety is not about a real danger, rather a possible one. It is based in fear related to the uncertainty of life, rather than the present moment. For example, you could get hit by a car, struck by lightning, lose your money in the stock market, etc. If you fear these things, you become anxious and worried.

This is why God has told us that He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). He doesn’t want us held hostage by the possibilities of danger. We can’t live in fear and have joy or peace.

So how do we live without allowing fear to enter our lives? Psalm 46 has answers:

  1. Know who God is–He is a very PRESENT help in times of trouble. God is the creator of all things, all powerful, nothing is away from His watchful eye.
  2. Know where God is–He in the middle of the trouble; the waters roar, the mountains shake, but God is in the midst. He is not absent in times of trouble. He is present and has not left you alone to deal with life.
  3. Get your eyes off the uncertain circumstances–Don’t be moved by the trouble around you. Instead keep your eyes fixed on God. Circumstances may create fear, but God has control of all things and will walk you through difficult circumstances. Stay fixed on Him.
  4. Remember God is working in the situation–He breaks the bow, cuts the spear, burns the chariots of fire. He will work it all for our good if we love and trust Him. While you may not see the good immediately, His care will be evident later.
  5. Be still. Wait and listen. This is difficult because it requires trust. Your life is in God’s hands. Now, wait for his direction and answers.
  6. Know that He is God. Watch how He moves and works things out. Be amazed by what He does. Understand how small you are and how big God is. Nothing is impossible for Him.
  7. Worship Him–even before you know the ending, because praise takes care of that heaviness. He has ordered your steps. He is worthy of all praise.

How do we move from fear to faith? Know that the Lord Almighty is with us and is our helper in times of trouble. Trust Him to work all things for your good.

How to combat fear

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