The language of music was spoken all around her growing up. Her parents were worship leaders, and her family loved to sing. So when Hannah Kerr started writing songs, it was natural. When she started recording them, it was exciting and new, but a natural fit. The one part of this incredible ministry that wasn’t natural? Performing her songs for a live audience.

“I’m definitely introverted! I have close friends, but I’m not a social butterfly. I enjoy being by myself. I love being around people, but I also really recharge alone. So really performing is the least comfortable thing I do as an artist. Songwriting is really comfortable. Because you’re in a room by yourself or with two other people. Recording is very comfortable. You’re in a booth by yourself! All the parts of the process are very comfortable to me – except performing.”

But a beautiful truth led Hannah to a new way of seeing that aspect of her ministry.

“The way I’ve really grown into loving it is realizing I’m not singing music that is about me. I’m singing music that hopefully is bypassing me, and pointing people right to Christ. So the pressure is really off me. And even though I tend to be introverted, the fact that I get to facilitate people coming into the presence of God – leading worship rather than performing – helps me to deal with any feelings of nervousness. I don’t have stage fright, but I definitely do feel nervous. It took me a long time to really switch my perspective on that and think, ‘OK. I don’t need to be so worried about what I look like or how I’m moving, because it’s really all about Him and pointing people to Him.”

“So that helps an introvert like me get up on stage and be in front of a lot of people with lights and music and all of that. So it’s been a gift to me. It’s pushed me outside my comfort zone in so many ways. But really shifting my perspective is what has helped me throughout the whole journey.”

Hannah Kerr is the dynamic recording artist & worship leader behind the new single “Split the Sea” & the hit song “Warrior”.

On the Road with Hannah Kerr

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