Have you ever felt compelled to do something that just didn’t make sense? That’s where Darren and Sarah Clare found themselves. They could list dozens of reasons why adopting wasn’t logical. Sarah was recovering from an illness. Their own kids were nearly grown. They were on the verge of being empty nesters. They assumed the next time they would be shopping in the baby aisle, it would be as grandparents. It would be crazy to start over with a baby, right?

Sarah had just come out of ten years of health struggles that finally culminated in a diagnosis of heart failure. She was recovering, and had a fresh sense that God had saved her for a purpose. For so long, they had prayed for an answer to the questions about Sarah’s health. So when that answer came and healing began, it brought optimism about the future. What was God’s plan for them?

That’s when Sarah had a life-changing encounter at the airport. Sarah and her mom were sitting in the terminal waiting on a flight, when a woman with a baby sat near them. A casual conversation struck up, and before long, Sarah was holding the beautiful baby and something was stirring in her heart. It turned out that the little girl was in foster care and was in need of a forever family.

That conversation led to a friendship, and eventually to play dates. But God was stirring Darren and Sarah’s hearts for more than just friendship. It seemed like He was calling them to consider adoption.

But there were so many reasons why adoption didn’t make sense. Darren and Sarah were in their 40s. Their youngest child was nearing the teenage years. They’d begun having conversations about life post-kids at home. Maybe they would downsize, do missions work, or buy an R.V. and travel the country. But starting over with a baby?  It didn’t seem to make sense.

The battle between logic and the compelling voice of the Holy Spirit took them on an incredible faith journey. And that journey landed them back in the baby aisle, buying cribs and diapers. Hear Darren and Sarah’s full story in chapter 22 of Epic.

Darren and Sarah Clare - Back in the baby aisle