Christina Meredith’s story is one of incredible hope that begins in a season of heartbreak. Her family treated her like a servant for years, she suffered abuse & even faced an extended period of homelessness. But looking back today, she says something truly amazing. She never lost sight of God’s goodness.

The advocate & author explains how that’s possible.

“Because his love is enduring. His love, his faithfulness, and his kindness are never-ending. He is the living God. The great I Am. And He loves me, and He has chosen me and appointed me. And I could care less what this world says about me, or what this world puts me through, or what I endure in this world. They can’t take that away from me. Ever.

“I have been with nothing. I have lived a Joseph or a Job life so to speak. And through all of it, the Lord has been faithful to me. I don’t care what anyone says. I know He is with me and has been with me, and will continue to be with me.”

She explains how those dark times confirmed the truth she’d always believed.

“My entire life is centered around Jesus because He is the Lord of my life and I’ve surrendered to His lordship. He orders my steps. He goes before me. He clears the path. He makes the way, and I trust Him. I trust He’s going to continue to do that just like He did when I was in those seasons of suffering.”

“And suffering doesn’t end. Life is still hard. There’s still suffering. There’s still heartache. There is still the need for me to rely on the Lord every second of every day. And so I think  cleaving to Him in times of sorrow has strengthened me to remember the truth in times that aren’t so sorrowful.”

Christina Meredith is an advocate, a soldier & a former Miss California. She’s just released her incredible story, CinderGirl: My Journey out of the Ashes to a Life of Hope.

On the Road with Christina Meredith

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