This year’s blockbuster film Overcomer tells the story of a community faced with its main source of employment closing, a cross country runner with a seemingly undefeatable challenge, and a man grappling with a job description rewritten. At the heart of the story – and the remarkable critical and box office success of the movie – is a profound message.

Alex Kendrick served as co-writer and director on the project. He also portrays Coach John Harrison in the film. Alex spells out what that central message is & how comprehending it can be life-changing.

“We all want to be valued, and to have a sense of identity – that we’re supposed to be here in this life. To have a purpose and a path. And God wants that for us, but He wants to be the center of it. He wants to be recognized as God – the One who created us to have a relationship with us. So the desire to be loved and to belong is natural for everybody. It’s when we seek the solution to that desire outside of God that we find ourselves in trouble.”

Alex believes this discussion is vital for our world today.

“This culture is debating identity right now. We are saying as a culture, maybe your identity should come from your feelings – including switching genders or attractions. And your feelings can change. Really – putting your identity in anything that can change is dangerous. Scripture alludes to putting your identity in the most stable foundation there is, and that is in Christ! He’s the One that loves us. That knows us. And has the authority to tell us who we are. So, trusting yourself to the one who created you, there is no better place!”

“God formed us in our mother’s womb. He knows all of our thoughts. He knows our every word before we say it, and sees all of our days before we’ve lived them. Talk about knowing someone! My goodness! And He also loves us more than anyone could ever love us – to the point where He would send His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. He’s the One with the authority to tell us who we are.”

Alex Kendrick is one third of the movie making trio, the Kendrick Brothers. He co-writes, directs and stars in this year’s hit movie release Overcomer – out on digital now, and available on DVD and BluRay December 17th.

On the Road with Alex Kendrick

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