Are you feeling that after turkey bloat and wondering, “How I am going to make it through the holiday season without gaining a lot of weight?”

The popular notion that most people gain between 5-7 pounds just isn’t true. Truth is that most of us will gain about a pound. The problem is that we tend to keep that pound and it accumulates throughout the years. According to the National Institutes of Health, that extra pound a year may be a contributor towards obesity. So, don’t go diving into the desserts with abandon just yet!

Here are a few tips to help prevent that pound!

  1. Drink water instead of soda or high calorie drinks.
  2. Stop eating after one helping. Don’t gorge yourself.
  3. Avoid stress eating by doing non-food related activities.
  4. Exercise if you eat a heavy meal. Research shows that there is benefit to exercise two hours after you have indulged. So, if you overeat, hit the gym! Remember that a 10-minute brisk walk gives huge benefit.
  5. Don’t go into deprivation mode and try to resist the goodies. Mentally, this is a set up to overeat. Depriving yourself makes you want it more. Instead, tell yourself you can have it, but have it in moderation.
  6. Take a bite or two and then stop. Research shows that the greatest satisfaction with food is in those first few bites. Take them slowly and savor them. Then push it away. You get the pleasure, but not the guilt!
  7. Move as much as possible. Take stairs instead of the elevator. Park away from the mall and walk. Think of ways to move more if you can’t exercise regularly.
  8. Don’t go hungry to parties or events. You will overeat. Drink a full glass of water, eat a small piece of fruit and take the edge off your appetite.
  9. If you are at an eating event, stand close to a low-calorie party items. If you nervously eat during holiday get togethers, make the low-calorie item and take it to the party. Carrots and hummus versus the Christmas cookie tray.
  10. Now, you are not going to like this last tip, but it does help prevent weight gain during the holidays. Weigh yourself regularly! I know, that sounds crazy, but it is a reality check that keeps you accountable. People who weigh themselves gain less weight.

You can do this. Get out there and enjoy all the festivities. Stay mindful of what and when you eat, pace yourself and you will do just fine!

For more tips to prevent overeating, check out Dr. Linda’s book, “Press Pause Before You Eat.

10 tips to prevent holiday weight gain

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