I admit it: I’m a voracious consumer of news. But the goal is not mere consumption.

I’m mentally sifting the information to filter out, aggregate and integrate story lines and themes that help us reconnect the eternal with the everyday. I’m not just consuming news for information sake, I’m seeking to make sense of it in ways that equip myself and Ambassadors of Christ to engage in culture by bringing God back into every conversation.

Every story is a religious or worldview story. If it’s about people, animals, the environment, the economy, education, welfare, foreign affairs, addiction, suicide, modern day slavery, rights, truth, lies, the church…then it is a story about worldview and that makes it a story worth processing. I seek to read with the mind of Christ and apply the principles I’ve learned from the Bible to the realities of life.

In the opening segment of Connecting Faith I offer commentary on one or two of the headlines of the day. In the final segment I make the Connecting Point. The goal is for us to not just have something to think about, but to talk about the headlines that honors Jesus, and get us thinking about what they are thinking about and why they think the way they do.

Each morning I read, review, listen to, and scan headlines from over eight different digital news sources including The New York Times, RNS Morning Report, and The Wall Street Journal. I also follow 100 or so religion reporters and ministry leaders on Twitter. The goal is to not only stay abreast of breaking news, but also catch articles posted in outlets I don’t consistently track. What I’m looking for is news you can use, worldview issues, examples of where language or images have been co-opted, ideas confused, or the exchange of the truth about God for lies is evident.

And what do I do with all that?

Much of it I simply offer up to God in what I call Pray the News. I can’t handle it all, but God can and He wants to know that we’re seeing what He’s seeing – listening with ears that hear and minds that genuinely comprehend the days in which we live. I talked about how we can pray the news in a segment of a recent episode of Connecting Faith.

Where do you get your news?

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