Anthony Evans was exhausted. He was sharing his musical gift – leading others in worship and celebrating God’s goodness night after night. But inside he was battling the darkness of depression.

The son of beloved pastor Tony Evans was never saddled with expectations by his parents that he had to somehow live up to a ministry legacy, but that was the notion he’d quietly battled for years. Finally, those two realities came to a head.

“I felt like an impostor. It didn’t feel real to me, so much so that I literally said from the stage one night that I didn’t feel like doing this. That I couldn’t bring myself to sing these songs. And my road manager I remember looking at me from the back of the audience like, ‘What is going on?!'”

“And I worshiped that night. Not because of the way that I felt. Not because I’m noble. Because I was there, and I had a mic in my hand. And when I made the decision to worship in spite of the way I felt, God met me in a deep way. That is still, to this day, the most memorable concert I’ve ever experienced – because I did what I could and God did the rest.”

That moment was so significant, yet Anthony explains that his journey out of depression wasn’t accomplished in a moment. It was a lengthy road and a process.

“It was a road. A road of the Lord keeping me close to Him. Not a miraculous moment – but  staying close to Him & engaging in constant check ups to make sure I’m doing things correctly.”

Anthony Evans is one of Christian Music’s premiere male vocalists, songwriters, and worship leaders. His time in Los Angeles with NBC’s hit show “The Voice” led him to think more progressively about his music—without compromising his faith and message. With eight solo projects, multiple music videos, and inspirational literary collaborations with beloved pastor and international speaker Dr. Tony Evans and sister Priscilla Shirer, Anthony has vibrated the doors of the church and ventured beyond. His new book is called Unexpected Places: Thoughts on God, Faith & Finding Your Voice.

On the Road with Anthony Evans

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