Before Brant Hansen was a nationally syndicated radio host, he went to Sunday School. Specifically, one morning he and his wife attended an adult Sunday School class at a new church where they didn’t know anyone.

“We went to this Sunday School with about twelve people, and nobody even acknowledged us! These were adults. They didn’t say hi. They had this discussion, and they wouldn’t even look at us!”

“After a while it got funny. My wife and I were looking at each other like, ‘They’re really going to go the distance!’ So no one said hi. We laughed about it, and we didn’t come back for years.”

But that wouldn’t be the last time they attended that church. And in the years between visits, Brant’s situation changed.

“In the interim I had become this radio host. You know – ‘Christian famous’ in the area. We came back to this church years later, and this is a big church – like fifteen hundred people. Well they wanted us to sit down front. And then during the service he had us stand and they clapped for us and prayed for us. I talked with the pastor later, and told him that the last time we were here,  you guys wouldn’t talk to us! And we laughed with him about it.”

The whole situation brought home both a tough reality and an amazing truth.

“The church is not supposed to work this way. What if I’d never become a radio guy?”

“You may not be the person at the conferences speaking in front of sixteen thousand people, with all the leaders learning from you. You may be the person cleaning up after that conference. God knows who you are. He knows your name, and I love that about Him. He doesn’t operate like we do.”

Brant Hansen is a nationally syndicated radio host & the author of the new book .

On the Road with Brant Hansen

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