She’s spent the second act of her career founding an organization that blesses innocent children impacted by terrorism across the globe. Reload Love‘s founder Lenya Heitzig  helps build playgrounds where there were once battlegrounds, gets life-saving resources where they need to be, and sells jewelry crafted from spent bullet casings that builds awareness and supports their efforts. But she still says the most important change to be made is in the human heart. Lenya explains why – despite all the grief and tragedy she’s seen – love is still stronger than hate.

I believe love is contagious. God said go and do your good works so that you glorify your Father in Heaven. And when we love other people we are so shiny and so sparkly and so attractive, and we attract others to God. So I was hoping to do something that would raise awareness – the jewelry does that. If you wear it you’re aware of what’s happening. We’re helping you to see. But then also you join the love movement. You join this group of other people who are willing to march together to try and collectively make a difference. And together we can!”

The problems & tragedies Reload Love is facing down seem so massive, and yet God is using the willingness of caring people to make a difference.

“So one necklace doesn’t build a playground, but you sell a whole bunch of them – and you get other people to donate – and before you know it you’re able to transform a situation.”

She shares the heart behind building playgrounds, and explains why they’re bringing them to some of the most war-torn locations in the world.

“We have these playgrounds in Mosul – where ISIS had their last stand; on top of Mt. Sinjar – where you had hundreds, maybe tens of thousands of people on top in the summer in over 100 degree weather with no food, no water, no access down the mountain because ISIS surrounded them. We have playgrounds on top of Mt. Sinjar. We made it our personal quest to reach these touch points where evil happened. To say that love conquers all.”

Lenya Heitzig is the founder of Reload Love & the author of Reload Love: Transforming Bullets to Beauty and Battlegrounds to Playgrounds.

On the Road with Lenya Heitzig

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