Our cultures’ obsession with the topic of sex is impossible to miss. What’s perhaps tougher to understand is why the church doesn’t have more to say.

In a time when so many of us have made sexual mistakes, the question is profound. Is there hope and restoration for those who feel broken? Mo Isom has been there and shares a response that is full of real hope for all of us.

“Scripture comes to life in a different way when we read about Rahab. We read about the woman at the well. We read about the adulteress to be stoned. The story comes to life in a different way when we realize we are the whore at the well. We are the adulteress to be stoned.”

“When it comes to life in that way, and we look then at what God did in response, what God said about those women, how God used those women, and I should say this goes for men in the same way, it wrecks and it redefines everything. Because what I see when I look at scripture is that Rahab, the prostitute – God used her in the lineage of Jesus Christ! She is in the bloodline of Jesus Christ; He used the prostitute for His glory.”

Mo picks back up the threat of amazing restoration in the New Testament.

“When I look at the adulteress to be stoned, I see a king who didn’t cast a stone. Who said to others, if you have no sin, judge this woman and no one could. She looked at Him in the eyes and said, ‘they’re all gone.’ He says, ‘then there’s no condemnation from me either, go and sin no more.'”

“So He met this woman in her filth, and He did not shame or condemn her. He said, I am sufficient. Now go sin no more. Make my sacrifice shift your life. In response to My goodness and My love, have that compel something from you. Have that compel obedience and praise from you.”

These stories lead Mo to a simple message that is life changing.

“I would just say to that woman, you know what? He’s not finished with you yet!”

Mo Isom was a history-making college athlete who’s become a compelling speaker and a New York Times bestselling author. Her latest book is called .

On the Road with Mo Isom

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